Fun Bunny Egg Project For Easter


Little bunnies. 🙂 Something fun to do as a decoration for Easter.


hard boiled eggs peeled (cut the bottom of the egg so the bunny can stand up)
carrot (cut one slice and cut in half for legs)
peppercorns for eyes and nose
pepper for ears
uncooked spaghetti for whiskers (break into smaller pieces)

Cut into the egg where you will put the ears and eyes. When you cut the ears, use the part of the pepper that is a little curved, for the floppy ear effect. 🙂
The part that will go inside of the egg, cut very thin. If it is too thick, the egg will break. The thinner the better.
Insert spaghetti inside of the egg and cut small hole for a nose and put the nose at the end.
Enjoy and have fun with it.

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