Pickled Sausage – Utopenci



Total time: 40 min.
Resting in the fridge:
With hot liquid 3 days.
With cold liquid 7 – 14 days.

3 cups water
1 cup white vinegar
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp whole peppercorns
1/2 tsp whole all spice
3 bay leaves
2 polish klbasa (13 oz each)
1 onion
mustard of your choice
2 quart size wide mouth mason jars

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  1. Kristyna I love utopenec but I think the best is nakladany hermelin. Please I need the recipe! Thank you for your web, I sometiemes like to remember czech food and now i can cook it!

    1. 🙂 Will do nakladany hermelin for sure. Not sure when though. I have some recipes I have to do first.

  2. Thank you for recipe, I love utopence. I lived some time in CR. I hope You will put rybi salat recipe (it is after utopenci best for me). Your reciepes are great and site is best.

    1. Thank you Emir 🙂 Glad you enjoy it.

  3. H Kristyna,

    Just finished pickling the utopenci recipe. I tripled it because my husband when he found out wanted me to make more! I had left over pickling juice and didn’t want to waste it so I cut up some onions and bell peppers, put them into a jar and added the rest of the juice.
    By the way I can’t keep enough Sunkova pomanzanka in the fridge. My husband is going nuts over these recipes. He keeps telling me how it reminds him of the old days. He hasn’t had any czech food since his father passed away. I’m so glad I found your website.

    Have a lovely week,

    1. Hi Karen,

      What an amazing comment! Your comment perfectly sums up the heartbeat of Czech Cookbook. Thank you for sharing. It makes me so glad to hear how happy your husband is. You are a great wife. In Czech we have the saying “Love goes through the stomach” 🙂 I am sure your husband feels very loved. 🙂

  4. Is the kielbasa fully cooked when you buy it?

    1. Yes

  5. My Mom used to take ring bologna and put it in the fridge with vinegar and onions. She called this domace buš (not sure if that is spelled correctly). Have you heard this term used? Is utopenci the same thing?

    1. Hm never heard of this. I don’t think it is the same thing since utopenci are marinated in spices and other things.

      1. My grandmother did that, but she called it “depression utopenci”. …she did add the right spices.

  6. Also, I’m finding that 1 inch pieces work better for the folks eating my utopenci.

  7. I put these together a week ago. Tried one on day 5. On day 7 they are even better! I love all things pickled or fermented.

    The kielbasa came in a three-pack. They wouldn’t fit in 2 mason jars, so I used a glass gallon-sized jar. Plus that gave me plenty of room for extra brine, and I can’t ever leave a recipe alone, so I added some flavorful chilies to the mix. Excellent! I used pasillas, Hungarians, green jalapeños, and Serrano’s. All were relatively mild, except the Serrano’s, which still had the seeds and lit my tastebuds up a bit, but not too hot. All in all, delicious. These would pair nicely with pickled eggs and pickled Roma tomatoes on an appetizer spread or for a summer picnic item.

    1. Sounds great! ☺️ You can definitely experiment and add things you enjoy.

    2. I was short on time and on my way to a potluck, si I took these. They disappeared! Everyone loved them and asked me to bring them again. They are all gone and now I’ll need to make more. I was told they might be better with more chilies, so next time I’ll add more.

      Thank you, they were a hit!

      Next on my list is your rye bread recipe.

      1. That is wonderful! I am glad to hear! 🙂 Yes you can definitely make them spicy with adding chillies. 🙂 Wishing you the best of success with the rye bread. 🙂

  8. Hello, Ahoj my wife and I were just recently in Prague and Melnik. We ate so much utopenci. I am glad I found your recipe. We are going to make some here in Ukraine as we are in our vacation home. I will let you know how it came out. Thanks again for sharing this recipe. Djekuye

    1. Ahoj Michael, please let me know. 🙂

  9. Ahoj just to let you know the first batch we made were outstanding. We are now making some more today. We let them sit for 14 days. We drank a few pivos with them. We we go back to the states we will make them there. We also added some yellow pepper strips to them too. Today I am adding a hot chile too. Will let you know how that goes. Djekuje

    1. I am happy to hear! 🙂 Hot chili is a great addition. 🙂

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