Andrea A.S.
“Thank you for simplifying the recipes my grandmother made. If not for you I would have given up the family traditions.”

Marketa G.
My father is Czech and I lived in Prague as a young girl. Since then, my father has past and I only have your videos to learn from. I have a young daughter now and i want her to love Czech food like I do. Tomorrow I am making your goulash and dumplings. I am so excited! Thank you for all that you do!!!! I am so thankful for you!!! Seriously! THANK YOU!!!

Michael S.
My wife’s parents both escaped from the Czech Republic in 1971. She sadly lost her mom when she was only 12 back in 1989. She remembers her mother’s Czech cooking, but has no recipes. When she watches your channel and makes your recipes, you bring a piece of her mother back to life. As a side note, when I work on the road and I’m away from my wife for long stretches of time, I’ll put your channel on in the background and it’s as if she’s sitting next to me looking at a new recipe. ;-p I look forward to the many recipes, meals and memories that we will make together over the years and you are the one making this possible. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Kind regards, Michael

Alice C.
This brings so many memories. I am the first generation in the US, and my parents and grandmother are from Czech. I wish I have watched and learned from them. Unfortunately, I was young when I lost them. Thank you for giving me the memories that I once had. 🙂

Kaca (Kolace)
I do not think I will be making these again. I made them and they disappeared within few hours! Anytime I pulled another batch from the oven the previous was gone. You did not warn us in your recipe, that these are magical. Also, my entire family is laying on our sofa breathing heavily, crumbles all around. 😀 These are fantastic. I was surprised not to see an egg in the dough, all my buchty and kolace recipes seem to have one, but not here and the one sole kolac I managed to save till the next day stayed soft! This one is a keeper! Thank you.

Danielle (Beef Goulash)
I lived in Prague several years ago and have tried many recipes back in America to replicate what I ate almost daily. THIS RECIPE IS IT!!!! I cooked everything on the stove for 1 hour, and then put it in the instant pot for 15 minutes to help soften up the meat just a tad and it was perfect. This will be a weekly meal added to my household. Thank you for this perfect Czech dish!!!!

Emily (Beef Goulash)
Hi again Kristyna! This is the third recipe I’ve made from your site and it didn’t disappoint! Today I cooked this delicious goulash for my husband (of Czech background). At first, he wasn’t crazy about the idea (since it takes a while to prepare), but once he tasted it he said it was the best dish I cooked in the past two months and raved about the seasoning in the sauce and raved about the meat and said it was the most delicious stew I ever made (!!!). Wow! We both thought thickening it with bread crumbs (we used a cup of store bought) made the sauce taste richer. Thanks for passing along this technique. I used only 1 tsp of salt since we generally don’t cook with much, but the rest of the recipe I followed to the letter and it turned out beautifully. Thank you so much for posting these recipes online. They are providing us with so much joy!

Tanja C.
Thank you for this page. My Mom (in law) was Czech. During her last few days your site helped me to prepare for her a few traditional treats. It meant the world to her and her joy meant the world to me. Thank you SO much!

Ari F.
Kristyna, I come from a Czech family on my maternal grandmother’s side. A lot of our older relatives have died and with them all of the old bohemian/czech recipes. your videos have brought back these foods into our family, and a lot of joy along with it.  It is so kind of you to take the time to do this, and i wanted to let you know you are very much appreciated.

Teresa V.E.
I love that you take time to make such detailed videos to follow. They are so helpful, and now that most of my Czech family has passed away, make me feel that connection again through watching you cook and hearing your lovely Czech accent. So much love and skill and goes into your cooking.

Jirka (Rye Bread)
Thank you Kristyna.
For over 20 years i’m watching bread making recepies after recepies , tried this or that , and failed every time.
Thanks to you i can now make perfect and tasty bread every time.
Hats down.
Thank You

Danielle K. (Bread rolls)
I wanted to cry with joy! Thanks so much for making this video.. my Grandfather was from Czech and this is my favorite bread rolls ever! My grandfather passed away before I could ever get his recipe! Those look amazing. I remember my family doing egg wash on the top with poppy seeds baked into the crust … I love watching you cook through my childhood memories .. thank you .. I also love the bread dumpings thank you for everything you are putting up ..

Jasmine M.F. (Crushed Potatoes)
“Yes! Such a classic food staple in Czech cooking! My husband and I met in London and when we were still dating he took me back home to Třeboň to meet the family and his mom loved cooking for us while we were back. She once served šťouchaně brambory with pork chops and would add bacon and onions or even caraway seeds for flavour. When we went back to London I thought it would be nice to start learning Czech dishes for Lukáš so he wouldn’t get too homesick! I can honestly say Kristýna, that “Czech Cookbook” was one of the sites I first discovered. I learnt how to make your dumplings, honey cake, bublanina and even utopenci! I’ve been a huge follower for a couple of years now and your recipes and videos are so helpful. Děkuji! We now live in Vancouver and I’m looking forward to more great Czech cooking!”

Karla T. (kolache)
Your recipes are fantastic. I have to confess that, although I really hate cooking, I love kolace! So I broke down and tried to make your recipe and, wonder of wonders, they came out fantastic. I ate five of them! FIVE!

Julie P.
Your videos are wonderful, so specific and simple ingredients! I am Italian and my husband is Czech. I made so many of your recipies from entrees to desserts and every one of them came out delicious and “amazing”. Please don’t stop making your videos! Delicious food, wonderful family…….what more can you ask for!

hilper2012 (youtube) (Beef goulash)
My husband is polish and this is the best recipe for goulash I have prepared!! thank you so much to share!!!

Katharine H. (Beef goulash)
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this incredible recipe. I have been making this as well as dumplings once every 2 weeks for the past few months. Last month my daughter helped me and we both enjoyed it so much. She has always been a French Fries and chicken nugget girl and occasionally a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My husband and I are still amazed that she will eat 1-2 servings at dinner and then ask for “warm-ups” before she brushes her teeth for bed. This is just as amazing as I remember my family making right after we came to America from what was then Czechoslovakia. I was only 5, but one thing I’ll always have to bring back some of my first memories of life is THIS recipe. I am forever indebted to you Kristyna!

Karolina (Roast Pork, Dumplings and Sauerkraut)
I’m Czech and I followed this recipe and it’s better than what my mom used to make. Thank you! SOOOO good!!!!

Veronika (Bread rolls)
OMG!!!! I am sooo thankful for this recipe … I am a Czech living in Boston and I have a one year old son. Sometimes I am sad he can’t experience more Czech stuff…. the taste of bread rolls is the taste of childhood … you see babies in strollers chewing them … to now finally my son be like a “real” Czech baby too!!!! Thank you

Lidu (Bread rolls)
I am a big Rohlik fan, I even dream about them…I have been trying to make Rohliky for 9 years now, I tried and tried…none of them turned out tasting like the Rohliky I know…But this recipe!!!OMG!! They turned out sooo goood that I ate 7 of them all by myself
Thank you so much!!!

Thisby (Gingerbreads)
Loved the recipe! I am a Brazillian living in Austria and here we can find very similar gingerbreads as the ones you’ve made. I loved to learn how to make them with u!
All your videos are amazing, I love the way you cook and how calm you are to explain everything. I am learning a lot about the Czech foods with you.
Please keep going the channel!

Kena L.
Thank you so much! I’ve had Czech cook books for a couple of years, but each time I try a recipe it doesn’t turn out well. Maybe because I’m American and don’t convert the measurements exactly, but it may also be that cook books aren’t as good at explaining when to add ingredients. I am a fan!

Daniel D.
My first try at making Kolaches today! Very happy with the dough, the results and my wife said, “They look like they came from a bakery”. I really enjoy your videos. I posted my pictures o Fb and also listed your website. Blessings from Thailand.

Jessie D. (Beef goulash)
I made this Goulash tonight for my sweetheart. It is SO GOOD.
It is as good as the Goulash he would get in Prague when we went last summer. Thank you for the recipe 😀

Susy G.
Thank you for your videos, they are really helpful. I am mexican and I cooked for my Czech boyfriend gulas, sweet dumplings, rizek and kolacky and left him speechless. With tears in his eyes he told me it make him feel like he was back home 🙂

Elzbieta L. S. (Potato dumplings)
I think those dumplings are what I was looking for many years! I had them twice in my lifetime, lifetime ago and I wanted to know HOW to make them but couldn’t find a recipe.
This is just great! Thank you kind Lady for sharing this recipe and great instructions 🙂

Jennifer M.
Dear Krystyna,
I made these amazing kolache yesterday and it was like I took a time machine back to my early childhood!!!! Oh my God I never thought I’d taste this
again. I have bought literally hundred of store/bakery and NEVER tasted like my great grandmother kolache THANK YOU so much!!!!!!

Shirin Q. (Honey Cake)
Hi.I baked your cake yesterday after searching to much for both easy and delicious recipe for honey cake. It is sooooo tasty!thank you so much for your amazing recipe .You are a marvelous teacher. I am an amateur in cooking and I understood every step easily. Thank you so much lovely chef 🙂

Thank you for sharing such a perfect Goulash recipe! I made this and your bread dumpling recipe for my husband who had been asking for Czech Goulash, and it brought back so many memories of our recent trip to Prague.
Thank you again!

Peter P.
Her czech food is the real deal folks!
Thank you for keeping the czech culture alive!!!!!….The BEST.

Jennifer M. (Fruit dumplings)
oh my God these are beyond incredible! My daughter and her friend ate 12 I one sitting! So my husband and I only got 2. Will make again soon,when school is in 😋

Isaiah 55:6 (Beef goulash)
Hello again! It’s -20F (-29C) today so it’s the perfect day to make Hovězí Guláš… again! Ever since I found your channel, I’ve eaten it, on average, once a week. It’s become a staple in my home. It’s the perfect meal to share my love for Czech food with friends and neighbors. They know I used to live in Prague and, since they can’t go to Prague, I get to bring Prague to them! (I have a list of people waiting to come over whenever I make guláš, so I know I’ll never be lonely again!) I alternate making Domácí Knedlík and Bramborové Knedlíky for the guláš. When I make them for other soups and stews, I like adding herbs like basil, dill or sage to the Domácí Knedlík. To the Bramborové Knedlíky I like adding fresh roasted garlic. But, for the guláš, I keep it traditional because your recipe is perfect the way it is.
Your dumpling videos are fantastic and I’ve never had trouble making them. They come out perfect every time, even the first time I made them. (So, technically, I can get married now!) I’ve always used Wondra Flour to make sauces and gravies but now I have to make sure I have four cans of Wondra on hand at all times for guláš emergencies!
Now I just need you to make a video showing me how to stop eating Hovězí Guláš!

Jitka F.
I think I have just found my favorite Czech cooking channel on Youtube! Awesome and authentic recipes, Kristyna, thank you so much for reminding me of great dishes I have only ate a long time ago or in my childhood. You guys rock! LOVE your videos! Good luck and keep ’em coming! xoxo ♥

Paula P. (Beef Sirlon With Cream Sauce)
My mother used to make this when I was young. I’m almost 62, and have been looking for this recipe for years! I can’t wait to make it for my husband, as he’s never tried it. Thanks!

Isaiah 55:6 (Beef goulash)
Kristýna! I found your channel (and your website) last night because I was looking for this recipe. I used to live in Prague and every time I went out to eat, I would always order Hovězí Guláš! I could never find a recipe that came close to what I remembered… until now! Your husband is right. Your recipe is even better than I remember! Of course, I made Domácí Knedlík to go with it because I can’t imagine eating this with them! I just wanted to thank you and tell you what a blessing this is for me! I will be making this over and over again because I never get tired of it! I will be trying many of your recipes, including the Christmas Bread. Between the Hovězí Guláš and the Šopský salát, I’m a very happy man!

Krithika J.
First time last week I bought this honey cake ever and tried. I fell in love wth it instantly. I was wondering how it was made. your recipe turned out to be exactly like the one I ate. thanks for this yummy recipe

Joanne S.
My mother baked several different recipes of cookies each day starting after Thanksgiving. There were so many stored in containers in the cellar. (It was my job to take a plate downstairs before dinner and to fill it with a selection of cookies for our dessert, I wonder if my mom knew how many cookies I snitched that didn’t make the plate!). However, my mom did not make the vanilla crescent recipe! That was the only cookie my Babi made that I liked. Now I know why they baked so many cookies, and of course I bake many varieties of cookies and hoska/vanoka. You inspired me to buy a walnut grinder(Jihokov from Fantes) to grind walnuts finely for this recipe and others. Thank you for the hint how to make powder sugar. I will definitely add this recipe to my Christmas baking.

Marylin H
My husband was missing many of the traditional Czech dishes, and unfortunately we didn’t write the recipes out before his parents passed away. You have made him and his tummy (and me) very happy. I’m so glad I found your website. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Sandra (vanilla crescents)
Kristyna, I really like your video instructions. Very clear and easy to follow, a natural teacher. This recipe I am very familiar with as my mother was born in the area. This is very similar to our family treasured Christmas cookie ( but with almonds). Basically it’s not Christmas without these cookies. Thank you so much for the tip about the icing sugar containing cornstarch. You are right! I will try your trick because I only want a little sugar to stick. Also I don’t roll the cookies to fast from the oven as the hotter they are the more sugar sticks and the more fragile they are too.
It was nice to hear you talk about the traditions, about the number of different cookies people make and the large percentage that is home-made at the holidays…. because that’s me too! I try to make different types and of course it is a rare store bought cookie that makes it to the Christmas table, maybe shortbread but I am working on that as I have a lot of shortbread recipes to try. Happy baking this Christmas and keep up the wonderful site. Thank you, Sandra

Elka R (Crepes)
I love the expressions on your taste testers’ faces. Palacinky are one of my favourite dishes. I read that French crepes were brought to France from the Austrian-Hungarian empire. Love our Czechoslovak heritage. Thank you for sharing these recipes.

Hi Kristyna!
I am an island girl that loves to cook/bake and venture out by trying new recipes and cuisines! I stumbled on to your website/youtube and I’m so happy I did! I’ve never had Kolache before so I made your recipe today and let me tell you; they were deeelish! Thank you for sharing your Czech culture and recipes.

Jim K (Roast Pork, Dumplings and Sauerkraut)
I love trying different cultural recipes, and was searching for the dumpling recipe as I was going to make svickova. However I stumbled across this recipe, watched you tube video and had to make it. I was unsure if I made the right decision since I was craving the svickova. I was very impressed with the simplicity of ingredients and how incredible it turned out. I still can smell the aroma in my house and it’s been hours that we ate. The onions did take quite a bit of time and after 25 min passed I settled for a creamy color rue. The sweetness albeit subtle was a perfect contrast with the onion/garlic sauce. Thank you for creating this web page and sharing your recipes. I am so intrigued that I’m going to plan a trip to Czech Republic next year and will be excited to taste this and more. Any suggestions on where to visit, other dishes you’d think I would like? Full belly and content 🙂 thanks. Jim

Diana C (Beef goulash)
I tried this last week and I have to tell you it is on of the very best things I have ever eaten. I was shocked at just how good it really is. I didn’t expect it to be so good to be honest. 🙂 I rarely follow a recipe to the letter but for whatever reason I did this time. I am so glad I did. Thank you so much for sharing it. This one will be a family tradition.

Paula S
“Thank you for creating this incredible website! I thought these foods were lost forever with my Czech family who passed on but thanks to you, they live again and bring such wonderful memories. 🙂
Thank you for bringing old family smells and tastes back to life! Now I can pass them on to new generations! ”

fuzzyshan (youtube)
Varil jsem uz aspon 5 jidel podle vasich receptu a pokazde jsem si rikal jak je to super ze je vsechno popsane do posledniho detailu takze nejde co skazit, svickova i gulas vysly vyborne! Dekuji moc za vase vyborne videa.

Kimmie K.
I am a Alabama girl who married cutest Czech man. It is wonderful I can now make Czech food here. I had issues with flour and ingredients. You have made me a very happy wife! Thank you!!!!!!

Kristyna R. (Beef Sirlon With Cream Sauce)
I cannot thank you enough for all of these recipes!! This being one of my favorites! Born in Czech raised here in the US growing up eating all of these dishes, now having my own house hold my husband loves all of my moms cooking this is an easy way of finding all of my moms recipes in English. Since every time I call her she just tells me to add a little of this little of that! I always get excited to see a new email from you to see if it’s a dish I know! Thank you Kristyna!!!

Alexandra P. (Beef goulash)
I made this, this evening. And yes – I’m speechless.
I can see why your H married you! MY H absolutely adored it. I didn’t have the time to make the dumplings too, but I served it with plain rice, and sour cream… I also cooked it in the pressure cooker, which cut the cooking time and when that stage was done, added the breadcrumbs (home-made, like yours, naturally!) and the marjoram….You’re right. It’s amazing. Thanks for this. I have a feeling it’s going to become a staple….

Karen S (Beef goulash)
This is so authentic. It rivals what we ate in Brno this past summer – and I had goulash three times! When I returned home, I tried your recipe and my husband was very happy. Thank you 🙂

Karen M
I can’t keep enough Sunkova pomanzanka in the fridge. My husband is going nuts over these recipes. He keeps telling me how it reminds him of the old days. He hasn’t had any czech food since his father passed away. I’m so glad I found your website.

Anita S
Wishing you both all the success in everything u do!!!! Christinka made a very big impact on me n my family. I am now just as good of a cook, if not better 🙂 than my mom lol. Thank you both

Milli (on potato goulash)
I made this tonight for my 2 year old son for the first time. He loved it! I haven’t had this in years and never actually made it myself before. Thank you for the recipe…it tasted just like my childhood. 🙂

MissMadHatterSammie (on Breaded fried cheese)
Omg ! I squealed when I saw this because I ate this ALL. THE. TIME the last time I visited my family in Czech Republic and have missed it sooo much!! Now I have the recipe! Thank you!!!

Ha Trinh (on youtube on honey cake)
I baked this for my son’s birthday. I haven’t try the cake because it’s now in the refrigerator to get cold. Although I did taste just the crumbs with the nuts since Steve, the funny guy in your video, said that he could hear angels sing. The crunchiness of the walnuts and the melting buttery taste of the cake are sure addicting. I give this cake an A+ rating. But it sure took a lot of time. It’s worth every minute.

Wow, thank you for your work! My husband is from Karlovy Vary (we are now in Iowa) and I’ve made a lot of Czech dishes but without much confidence. I am always second guessing my measuring and trying to recall how my mother in law made it. The helpful videos and measuring conversions will make such a difference in our kitchen. Thank you!

Veronica (on Beef goulash)
This is the best Goulash recipe I’ve made so far! Even better than the Hungarian Goulash I tried making, I even used your recipe to make the dumplings! Keep up the good work!

Hi Kristyna! A few weeks ago I made the breaded fried cheese along with tartar sauce and french fries. My husband gobbled up several (and I mean several) pieces. He really misses the czech food his dad use to make and was thrilled when I began making your recipes. The ones I have made so far are so yummy!
Thanks again for your generosity in sharing all your recipes with the rest of us

You are such a cute young woman and a great cook.
I have been married to a Czech for 60 years and always made him his favorite recipes, but sometimes my yeast dumplings collapsed. : (
I tried yours with Wondra and now they will never collapse again.
I thought he would not like them with such an odd flour, but you can guess
he loved them. Success !!
Thank you and please keep cooking.

hello ,just had to let u know i love to bake and am always looking for new recipes. I came across your honey cake so i gave it a try. It turned out wonderful!! I was a little worried at first, the batter seemed too thick wasn’t sure if I messed up but each layer was perfect!! I also used the new caramel flavor sweetened condensed milk. I will definitely make this cake again!!

Hi, I just love your videos! Thanks so much for sharing your love of Czech food. Want you to know I make many or your recipes, and my husband from Prague loves them so much. Look forward to future recipes.

Dannielle & Jiri
Hi Kristyna! My husband Jiri found your website! We are so in love with your website! My husband is from Zlin, Czech Republic! His mom does not speak English and we were struggling with passing down the recipes to our children! You have made it possible for me to cook for them like grandma does when we travel to see them! I am so excited to have the conversions with american products! Thank you for all your hard work!

Mary (on honey cake)
The cake was amazing! I doubled it and made one huge 6 layered cake! Also im Armenian and this tasted just like the honey cake I find at Armenian bakeries! Thank you!! 🙂

Thank you for your channel and website. My Mom is Czech and quite elderly and your channel brings back memories of things my Mom cooked when she was younger. For Valentines Day we made her beef and dumplings with dill and lentil gravies. Thanks to you I got the courage to start cooking some favorite foods for her. We are planning several of your recipes for her for Easter too.

Thank you so much for your recipe and your video! My step mother, who was also czech, passed years ago, but this was always one of my favorite dishes. I tried two other recipes without much success and started to give up hope before I found your video. Even the smell while cooking is right! I can’t thank you enough for letting me have a little piece of her back if only in my kitchen.

Ahoj Kristynko,
chtela bych ti moc podekovat za vsechny recepty a za tenhle uzasny napad stvorit stranku jako je tahle. Jsem provdana v USA a zijeme v New Yorku. Kdyz jsem uvidela tvoji stranku skoro jsem se rozbrecela stestim. Zrovna jim kure na paprice a jdu pect babovku. Nemas predstavu jak moc te obdivuji a jak jsem stastna ze jsem te nasla. Kazdy vecer si projizdim tva videa a premyslim co budu varit az je to otrvane pro manzela, ktery se mi uz smeje 😀 Cela nase rodina te zna a poustim tve recepty vsem pratelum co v usa mam.
Opravdu ti moc dekuju a preju jen to nejlepsi do zivota. Hlavne nove recepty-neco moravskeho :)))))
S laskou Katerina

I am Czech, but didn’t know it until a few years ago; all my Czech relatives are deceased. I love your site because you explain what you’re making and show us how to do it. Thank you for sharing your expertise in cooking Czech! 🙂

Ahoj Kristýno,
I discovered your online cookbook about three weeks ago. Until than I was pretty intimidated to make Czech meals in the US. And I’ve been living here for almost 15 years. I decided to make svíčková and that’s where it all started. I love your videos and the ingredients you use are very easy to find in local stores. Since I made your svíčková I also made koprová omáčka, kuře na paprice s noky, and today krupicová kaše. I plan to try many more of your recipes. My husband is as happy as I’m about discovering your recipes. I just wanted to thank you for sharing all your recipes. Please keep them coming 🙂 Wishing you all the best!
Mimochodem, vím, že svíčková se dá udělat stokrát jinak, ale ta Vaše chutná jako od mojí maminky 🙂 Moc děkuju!!!

Hi Kristyna! I love your blog! The recipes are just spot on! I love aspik- as a little girl I begged my mom to take me to a local ” bufet” for šunkový závitek:) I will try making it this weekend. And I have to say – your vepřo knedlo zelo recipe is AMAZING! We all appreciate the time and dedication to perfect the recipes- they for sure bring the good old memories:)

Oh my goodness – thank you so much for this recipe (Kolache). I made a batch yesterday and had to make another batch today! They are so good!! I made the farmers cheese and the poppyseed filling too. My kids aren’t huge fans of the poppyseed filling, but it works out, because I like it so much I don’t want to share. I love your recipes and love watching your videos!!

This was amazing (Beef goulash)! I have been trying various Czech gulas recipes the past year and nothing reminds me of what my grandmother used to make until I made this. Great job!

I live in Nebraska, and there are a lot of people who grew up eating Kolaches here. I’ve made these for family events, to bring to work, and for friends – and I haven’t stopped getting compliments! I’ve easily made over 300 of these total just in the last 3-4 months, believe it or not. This recipe has gotten the approval of so many people, and I can’t thank you enough. I even gave one to someone who swore up and down they didn’t like kolaches, and now he won’t stop begging for more! I’ve tried a bunch of recipies from your site and not one has let me down. Thank you so much for taking the time to share!

Thank you !! What a success – this year’s Vanocka was the best I have ever made. I have tried so many times to achieve same lovely bread as my Czech mother-in-law used to make. But between confusing volume vs weight conversions, and differences in flour, I was never really pleased with the end product. Now I have a perfect recipe and a video, no less. Guaranteed results!! Thank you for doing this.

I love your videos!  That you took the time to convert your delicious recipes to what is available here in the states is wonderful.  Especially for those of us who aren’t familiar with cooking by weight or ingredients not found here…so very thoughtful of you.  Also, I so appreciate your saying the name of the meal several times in your videos, it helps me to remember how to correctly say them, when I serve them to my family. 🙂
God Bless You and Yours

I almost cried watching this (Christmas bread), so many beautiful memories from my childhood. My mother was Czech my father Slovak, I was born in Munich while my parents were waiting to be accepted in another country. We migrated to Austral and have been here ever since. Now my grandchildren are asking me about our traditions and now I can show them this, this has been the best Christmas present! Thank you

Dear Kristyna. I have been in the US almost 30 years and I can’t express enough how happy I am to find a place on the internet devoted to Czech cuisine. Today I made your fruit dumplings and they were out of this world. Thank you 🙂

My husband lived in the Czech Republic during his years as a student and raved about the gulas. I found your recipe online and made it for him and he said that it was even better than what he had eaten before! My 8 year old son also loves this recipe! I have a hard time following directions, but you make it very easy to understand what to do and it turns out perfectly! Thank you for sharing a recipe that has become a treasured meal for our family.

Watching you cook, is like being in the kitchen with my grandmother, learning as a girl to cook my heritage foods….Thank you for your recipes and videos.

Thank you for helping me realize my dream of making kolace come true! Your ease and good directions really helped. And I even made the farmers cheese for them too. God bless you in all your endeavors! From Needville, Texas!

Thank you sooo much!!! Took us to another world! Our new favorite! Just finished eating and don’t want to stop! (Beef Goulash)

Hi Krystina,
My husband (who is a native of Texas and of Czech heritage) and I used your video instructions and ingredients to make 3 batches of kolaches this afternoon. They came out fantastic! We made three batches because we wanted to give some as a gift to the doctors and nurses that are caring for our son and to bring some to share with our co-workers. It was a lot of work, but we are extremely pleased with the result! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe and making the video! We had no problems at all – your instructions are very thorough!
P. S. I love your accent!

Honestly, I love watching and waiting for new videos because you have brought back so many recipes that I thought were lost forever. My father married an Irish woman, who hated to cook. My aunt ,father’s sister who we lived with along with my TaTa (Old World family, 3 generations under one roof) hated to cook. So I always sat watching TaTa, who basically taught me everything I know about cooking. He would talk to me about other recipes but I never had the chance to learn them from him. and you have given me the chance!

Krystina, In the beginning when I started watching I thought your youtube videos were longer than most food videos. However, you are so informative, I find you answer any food preparation questions I had. I wish other food youtubers could be as thorough as you. I have been doing genealogy on my “Bohemian” side (my late grandmother’s family) and your blog has help fill in gaps food wise as my grandmother didn’t reference her dishes ethnically (cabbage rolls were called pigs in the blanket in my family!) I have the Czechoslovak Cookbook by Joza Bizova, which is ok but she assumes everyone is familiar with these dishes and details are a bit lacking. Keep up the good work.
You and your husband are a cute team, all the best.
PS my Gram was born in 1898 and always referred to her background and language as Bohemian, so out of respect for her I do to! When my great grandparents emigrated to the US it was Bohemia!

My grandmother used to make these ( potato latkes) and as I was watching you fry them I could almost smell the yumminess! Sometimes on a Saturday afternoon she’d just decide to make them for a hot snack. I’ve not had one in about 30 years…I think it’s time I start making some.

Hi, I’m Erik a culinary student in LA and I had a international recipe due to introduce to my class and the country I chose was Czech. I was so excited watching your video, thank you so much for the recipe (fruit dumplings) and for mentioning a few customs, I presented it to my culinary class and it was a hit thank you truly from an aspiring chef.

Dana Spinney
Thanks for creating this page:) It’s very inspiring! True “Czech” girl…How refreshing…

Monika Lasovska
Hi Kristyna, I just want to let you know that I love your site. It helps me re-connect to my homeland cooking. I came to US when I was a teenager in the mid 1980’s (I am from Prerov-Olomouc) and I did not learn much Czech cooking before so now I can do it with your help 🙂

Nata Lie
Hello Kristyna!
Just wanted to tell you that I am your biggest fan!
I was born in Prague, lived in Germany and last year in October I married my American husband and we live in Florida..
I was used to my mom’s Czech cooking so I was a little bit sad that I don’t have it here in USA.. I thought I always have to wait till I visit Europe one time per year to eat my mom’s food…
Well until I found your Website!
I think I cooked already almost all of your recipes and it is soooo delicious and I cannot wait for more recipes.. They just taste like being home in Czech Republic

Hi Kristyna,
I made this tonight (Beef goulash) along with the Dumplings and they both turned out fantastic. Just like on our visits to Prague while we lived in Europe. Many thanks for your excellent videos and website. Following along with the videos made it very easy. Can’t wait to try another one of your recipes.
Cheers from snowy Ottawa,

We did this one (Beef Sirlon With Cream Sauce) along with your dumpling recipe for my mother’s 60th (she is from a Czech family), and it turned out perfectly. Your recipes and preparation instructions were spot on. It was so good that we want to tackle the rest of your recipes now! Thanks a million, and keep up the great work!

We really enjoyed this easy recipe (Beef with creamy mushroom sauce). The creamy mushroom sauce is sooo good 😉 Can’t go wrong with your recipes! Thank you for all your posts 🙂

I made it (Beef sirloin with cream sauce) with the bread dumplings and it was sooo good 🙂 Awesome! It is a keeper. I love all the recipes I tried so far. They bring me right back to Czech Republic. Thank you very much!

Super recipe (European potato bread)!:)
Felt like it was too runny first, i put it in a turned off owen to let it rise an after about an hour and a bit it war running away from the bowl:)
Came out amazing!
My first attempt to make any kind of a bread and it was a sucess! Couldn’t believe it!
Love your website, Kristina, you rock!

Your video was great (Dumplings)! These turned out SO much better than my first attempt (a couple years ago). There were just not enough directions in the Czech cookbook my husband brought back from Prague. Before we ever met, he lived there for almost 2 years and dumplings are his favorite. We visited after we were married, so I knew what they were supposed to be like. Last time was a failure. Your instructions resulted in success.

I haven’t had those (Pickled Beets) in over thirty years. My great Grandmother was an immigrant from just east of Prague, I believe. I remember as a child, my Mother, Aunt, and Grandmother would only speak Czech to each other. I really enjoy watching your shows.

You’ve done it again! These were awesome (Potato latkes)! I can’t believe I can make and eat Czech/Central European food like this 🙂 They tasted just like the ones I ate last June in Poland and the Czech Republic. Yum! I can’t wait to try all your other recipes 😉

I have been looking for a website like this for a LONG time! Thank you!

How wonderful! I love your funny stories and delicious recipes! Thanks for sharing a bit of your home here with us. God Bless

I spent a week in Prague in 2012 and had this dish (Beef goulash). Your recipe was right on. My daughter agreed. My wife also loved it.

Tony H
I have to say I have so enjoyed the cooking videos. Every dish is so incredible and you explain it so nicely and easy to understand. I feel like I want to run to the store and get all ingredients and cook as soon as possible. You inspire me!
All the best to both of you and continued success on the videos and website. Thank you for doing them!

Dobou chuť! Thanks for this video tutorial. My boyfriend is Czech and I am always trying to impress him with my Czech cooking. Děkuju!!! 🙂

Thank you for your wonderful videos. Very easy to follow and fun to watch. I’m looking forward to trying this dish (Beef goulash)!

Keep up the good work Kristina! Your recipes and helpful videos are spectacular! I grew up in Karlovy Vary and I’ve been missing the wonderful food and your channel has helped a lot. Thank you. 🙂

I have to say I really enjoyed this video (Beef goulash). Your step by step explanation is perfect. The ending with your husband was hysterical. I guess it really is true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is exactly the way my grandfather, who was from Slovakia taught me. I have tried to carry on all of his recipes so that my children and their children never loose sight and taste of where they came from. velmi dobrý !

Thank you, a thousand times! I made this, it was sooo good and now I can make czech food in Canada yum! I will try all your recipes 🙂

Thank you so much for sharing, I too am interested in cooking my heritage.

I used to have these (Crepes) (the rolled ones) at kindergarten in Brno 40 years ago and I’ve never forgotten them.. 🙂 Thank you for bringing back my very happy childhood memories in Czechoslovakia.

Definitely going to try this (Blueberry Jam). I’ve been so afraid to try canning. I love how you did step by step. I will try this one looks easy and now I know what to look for to make sure it seals right. Love your videos.

Delicious! I’m making these (Fried Meat Patties) for sure, thank you so much for such a great video, with detailed directions and tips. You are an excellent cook, and it shows!

Looks like you two had fun on this video (Bumbling baker bear) 🙂 the bread looked tasty! I enjoy your videos, because you both seem real and not trying to be someone you’re not!

Nice and easy side dish (New Potatoes ). Thank you! Just found your channel, and enjoying every recipe. My husband is from Czech Republic and I love Czech food.

Made them (Vanilla Crescents) the other day and came out perfect! My husband and daughter loved them. I love Czech food, but is so hard to find recipes in English. And I love the way you explain everything really well. Thank you for sharing your recipes!

I’ve been looking for a good Americanized recipe for this dish (Beef Sirlon With Cream Sauce) for a long time. I lived in Prague for a year, and a friend took me to a cafeteria that served this. I’ve been craving this for twelve years! I know what I’m cooking next weekend. Thank you so much for your videos!

It was great Svickova… Best I ever ate..