Cracklings And Lard – Škvarky a Sádlo


Makes 1 1/2 lbs lard (2 1/2 cups) and 1/2 lb cracklings
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 30 minutes
Total: 40 minutes

2 1/2 lbs pork belly fat

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  1. Loved watching you make and eat cracklings. Brought back so many memories of my childhood. My father was from the Czech Republic and my mother was full blooded Czech but born here in them U.S. Keep up the good work. Love watching your videos. My family still live in the Havlickuv Brod area, and a few in Horni Krupa. Roberte Kocourek

    1. Thank you Robert. 🙂

    2. I lived CZ for 3 yrs and came to love the lard with rye! I’m going make some here in US. I used to put Tabasco over the onion . Delicious

      1. Interesting combo

  2. When I was a kid my friend’s, grandma, who was also Bohemian, made sauerkraut cookies made with cracklings. I’m not sure how it is correctly spelled, but phonetically we pronounced it something like “ma-tun-ka”. They were so good! I miss them.

    1. Hm I am not sure which these are. Never heard of them.

  3. Oh how I miss Schweine Schmalz. I grew up in Germany we ate it on Rye bread with an apple or a pickle. Thanks for sharing. Judith

    1. Nice to hear how you eat it in Germany. 🙂

  4. My family is Czech…grandparents came to U,S, in about 1910. My grandma and mother both made skvarky. I think they added an o at the beginning of the word though. This is the first time in my 57 years I ever saw someone else discussing it. One of the most fantastic tastes ever! Dakujem.

    1. I agree. It is so delicious 🙂

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