Beehives – Včelí úly


Makes 24-30
Prep: 10 minutes
Rest: 1 hour
Bake: 350F 8 minutes
Cool off: 15 minutes
Total time: about 2 hours

Linzer bottom
1/2 cup all purpose flour
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1 egg yolk
1/2 stick (4 Tbsp) unsalted butter, at room temperature

2 cups walnuts
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar, sifted
1 egg white
1 tsp rum

1 3/4 powdered sugar, sifted
2 Tbsp unsalted butter
1 egg yolk
2 1/2 Tbsp rum

  1. I havent seen those since I was a great grandma was the only one who knew how to make them.thank you so much.brings back so much memories.

    1. I am glad to hear it brings back memories. ☺️

  2. What kind of flour to you use?

    1. Regular all purpose flour.

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