Potato Plum Dumplings – Bramborové švestkové knedlíky


Makes: 16 dumplings
Serves: 4

1.7 lbs. (770 g) potatoes
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs
1 3/4 cups (320 g) Wondra flour (plus more for dusting)

1.1 lbs. (500 g) (16 small) plums

1 1/2 cups (240 g) poppyseeds
1 cup (160 g) powdered sugar
6 Tbsp (84 g) unsalted butter

The best flour to use is Wondra flour which is available in the U.S.A. and is more coarse than all purpose flour. Since Wondra flour is not commonly found outside of the U.S., here is a list of matching flour types contributed by people in the Czech Cookbook online community who live outside of the U.S.
› Czech Republic: Hrubá mouka
› Canada: Robin Hood Nutri Flour Blend “Tastes Like White” or Robin Hood Easy Blend
› Australia: Continental flour, any brand
› Sweden: Idealmjöl
› Germany: Aurora Instant Mehl Type 405 or any Spätzlemehl

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  1. So charming! And make my day with this recipe! I always loved fruit dumplings and this is a sure fire way to get that memorable taste! Thank you!!

    1. 🙂

  2. Thank you! I will try to make these dumplings as soon as I find some nice plumbs and poppyseeds.

  3. Thank you!!1

  4. I am happy to hear. 😀

  5. My mother makes these for us. One of our favorites! I never met anyone else who made them. Very exciting to see the recipe

  6. Is there a way to make these gluten free? Is there any gluten free “flour” equivalent to Wondra flour?

    1. I wish to help but I am not familiar with gluten free flours. Hopefully someone will be able to help.

  7. My grandmother used to make potato dumplings but she use 1/2 as many raw as cooked (or the other way around) potatoes. She didn’t put plums in them but made pork roast with saurkraut. My mouth waters just thinking about it! Have you heard of this recipe?

    1. Yes those are delicious! We make them using cooked potatoes stuffed with smoked meat paired with sauerkraut. 🙂

  8. How do you cook them?

    1. Watch the video please

  9. I will try these with ‘bread flour’ (UK). Should the potatoes be floury rather than waxy?
    My mutti served these with melted butter and cinnamon sugar – heavenly!

    1. In Uk I would recommend to buy Krupczatka flour from Polish store. 😉 With potatoes I don’t think it truly matters, what is important is to work fast so they don’t start to release too much water.

  10. My Grandmother made these when I was young and I never watched her prepare them. But this looks like the recipe. Would you be able to send me the written recipe for these?

    1. Hi Denise, I don’t have a written recipe. Directions are in the video.

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