1. Super! I will make some! Definitely!

  2. When we make it in Poland we run some water over the old bread so it does not soak up to much oil. Have you heard of this?

    1. That is interesting! I have never heard of this. But hot oil and water don’t mix too well. I must be shooting oil everywhere, I wonder.

    2. Yeah,
      some Czechs do the same too – especially if you do not want the result too soaked with oil or too much hard to bite.

  3. In Germany we have different versions of it.
    One is, to toast the bread and butter it, before we top it with salt. No garlic!
    Second is to garnish the toasted bread with all herbs you like, respectively your kitchen holds and the third is to add sliced banana atop the toasted and buttered bread, before you add some salt.

    1. Interesting especially the one with banana.

  4. In the beautiful town of Olomouc. in the Gol bar I used visit near the football ground occasionally, I would order an excellent spicy chicken Topinka to go with beer. Any ideas as to how the chicken topping would have been made? They also did a fantastic Nakladany Hermelin which I have mimicked a few times with varying success. Maybe you could give us youre take on that dish too? Love your channels, please keep them coming.

    1. Thank you Wayne. 🙂 I am not sure what recipe they used for the spicy chicken topping. Nakladany hermelin I am planning to do in the future. 🙂

  5. OK, I thought maybe it was a common Czech dish. I look forward to the Nakladany Hermalin recipe.

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